Sister’s Panties

Every since I began masturbating, I’ve always had a panty fetish. I don’t remember where this particular fetish originated from, but it just came to me. I loved the feeling of the satin or silk panties wrapped around my stiff cock and swollen nuts. It felt like heaven sliding up and down my shaft, bringing me to orgasm. I used to leave huge loads of cum in the panties of my mother and sister. While I masturbated I usually took a few minutes to sniff and lick the panties before I blew a load into them. Since they were from the hamper, they were thus dirty and had been worn the day before. The scent of my sister or mother’s sweet cunts were still on the crotch of the panties and I would inhale the sweet fragrance and take small licks with my tongue, imagining what the real thing would taste like. And that led me to one of the most erotic experiences of my life. The following is a true story, and again I say TRUE. The events expressed herein, really did happen. This is not some story I made up. I felt that it would be a good and hot story for people to read. Hope you enjoy. My friends had always told me that my older sister was hot. They told me often that they thought she was the hottest girl in school. Of course, they didn’t have to tell me this. I was already aware of the fact. I had been masturbating into my sister’s panties for some years now, and I had had many fantasies about the two of us. Yet, they were just fantasies and I figured that none of them would ever happen to me.

My sister was a cheerleader. Naturally, she was blonde, with blue eyes and nice long, smooth, legs. She had ample tits and a nice firm ass, the kind you just want to squeeze. Baca lebih lanjut